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Park Only Personalized Itinerary

Park Itinerary Planning

  • 1 hour
  • 25.00 per day
  • Online

Service Description

If researching and planning a trip was not stressful enough, remembering all those details could put you over the top. VCE can provide you with a comprehensive itinerary starting from that first step out the door to the happy-to-be-home sigh of return. Fees include a 1-hour appointment to discuss your travel wishes, plus the additional time to process and complete your requests. You will have VCE’s services for advice, problem solving, and other needs related to your reservation. You will also receive additional email reminders based on the key dates and events that pertain to your specific vacation. This fee is in addition to the costs of your selected travel arrangements and covers the time required to detail your trip.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds on service fees from our Services Shop once service has begun. VCE’s fees cover the attention and average time spent helping each of our lovely clients.

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