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  • Park Only Personalized Itinerary

    If researching and planning a trip was not stressful enough, remembering all those details could put you over the top. VCE can provide you with a comprehensive itinerary starting from that first step out the door to the happy-to-be-home sigh of return. Fees include a 1-hour appointment to discuss your travel wishes, plus the additional time to process and complete your requests. You will have VCE’s services for advice, problem solving, and other needs related to your reservation. You will also receive additional email reminders based on the key dates and events that pertain to your specific vacation. This fee is in addition to the costs of your selected travel arrangements and covers the time required to detail your trip.

  • Introductory Consultation

    This service is for perspective clients. This service request is to meet one-on-one to discuss your vacation ideas and determine which options may be the best for you. These appointments are approved on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Reservations & Experiences

    You may be surprised to know that planning your dining options is possibly the most in-depth and daunting part of planning your vacations. Reservations book out extremely fast and mobile ordering from a fast-service style option can take hours. Planning your dining is crucial to ensuring you enjoy yummy eats and build in a break. Likewise, experiences such as tours, included extras, and special events can make your vacation even more special. There are different ways to strategize your dining plan and what extras you experience. Working with someone who knows the parks well will ensure you have the best opportunity to make the best of every moment! Fees is $25.00 per day and it will include a 30-minute appointment to discuss your travel wishes, plus the additional time to research, process, and complete personalized options that best suite your travel requests. You will have VCE’s services for advice, problem solving, and other needs related to your reservation. You will also receive additional email reminders based on the key dates and events that pertain to your specific vacation. This fee is in addition to the costs of your selected travel arrangements and covers the time required to detail your trip.

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  • Best Bucket List Beaches for a Family Vacation

    We love beach vacations in my family. We just love the sand in our toes, the smell of the salt air, and the sound of the crashing waves. We are not alone. Beach vacations are some of the most popular destinations we book. Today, I am going to share the Best Family Beaches for a Bucket List. Get your pen ready to take notes to add to your family bucket list. #travelmore #worldtravel #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld50 #universalstudiosorlando #universalorlandoresort #wizardingworldofharrypotter #vce #vintageexplorers #travelbug #travelagent #travelplanner #familyvacations #adultsonlygetaways #vacationplanning #beachlife #beachvacation #beachinit #beachholiday #beachlife Punalu’u Black Sand Beach in Hawaii Our first best family beach for a bucket list is Punalu’u Black Sand Beach in Hawaii. We do love these islands. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Each island is so different with spectacular beaches. I think the best of the Hawaii beaches is Punalu’u Black Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii. Let’s first talk about the sand. The sand is black, which is amazing! Your kids will love playing and walking through the black sandy beach. The sand on this beach is black due to the nearby volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Another highlight is the turtles. At this beach, Green Sea Turtles wash up on shore to relax and take a nap. On our last visit, we saw close to 20 turtles just chilling on the beach. You can see these turtles up close, like really close. This is an amazing experience. You can pick up lunch nearby at one of the food trucks and have a picnic lunch at this amazing beach. Trunk Bay in St. John’s You can cruise or travel to Trunk Bay in the St. John’s Virgin Islands. Trunk Bay is part of the US Virgin Islands National Park. This means there is a lot of area to explore on land and in the water. One of our favorite things to do in Trunk Bay is snorkeling. There is even a 225 yard long underwater coral trail that you can snorkel with your family. This is truly a beautiful beach with lush greenery, white sands, and turquoise waters. Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas Do you love the color pink? If you do, the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas is perfect for you. This beach is an easy beach to visit on a cruise or while visiting Nassau in the Bahamas. The pink color is from little bitty pieces of red coral that washes up on the shore of the Pink Sand Beach. The turquoise waters of the Bahamas washing up on the pink sand of this beach is truly breathtaking. Plan on arriving early in the morning or later in the evening to get the most vibrant colors of this sand. Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia If you like camping and adventure, one of our favorite family beaches for a bucket list is the Cumberland Island National Seashore. You rarely hear about Cumberland Island when people talk about beaches, but it is an amazing island in Southern Georgia. You may remember hearing Cumberland Island was where JFK Jr. got married years ago. This island is a National Park. You can only get to this island by ferry. The ferry takes about 45 minutes to get from visitors center to Cumberland Island. Once you get to the island, you can hike to your campsite. These are “rough” campsites with no facilities. The highlight of Cumberland Island is walking down to the beach. You may not see a single person in either direction. It is just your family and the amazing beach. You also may get lucky and see the wild horses that inhabit this island. It is truly an amazing beach experience for more adventure seekers. Clearwater/St. Pete Beaches in Florida The beaches at Clearwater/St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida are continually ranked the #1 family beach. The sands on this beach are so white and super soft. There are very little waves on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida, so perfect for kids. The waters are crystal clear and you will often see porpoise swim by you. We love the beaches in Clearwater/St. Pete, just a couple hours from Disney World and Orlando. Maya Bay in Phi Phi in Thailand Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Thailand. One of the highlights is Maya Bay in Phi Phi. This is the location of the The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. The waters in Maya Bay are spectacular blues and greens with amazing rock cliffs with lush greenery. It is truly breathtaking. Maya Bay is more popular, so plan on arriving early to get the best spot and best pictures before exploring the bay and waters. You can only arrive at Maya Bay via boat, so plan early. There are so many amazing beaches around the world, but these are some of the best beaches to add to your family bucket list. If you need more guidance, I am happy to help you plan your cruise vacation. Contact me at 804-585-3143 or

  • How to Stay Warm on Day Trips or Excursions

    One of our favorite activities on board a cruise is a day trip at different ports of call. This is an opportunity to experience other cities and countries, in just a one day experience. However, day trips can always be a challenge, especially in winter months. What should I wear? What should I bring? These are always questions roaming in my head. #travelmore #worldtravel #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld50 #universalstudiosorlando #universalorlandoresort #wizardingworldofharrypotter #vce #vintageexplorers #travelbug #travelagent #travelplanner #familyvacations #adultsonlygetaways #vacationplanning #springvacations #springtraveltips #springtravelideas #springvacationplanning #springbreak #springbreakfamilyvacations #springbreakfamilytravel #springbreakfamilytrips Today I am going to share some ideas for staying warm on day trips. This could be a day trip at home or an adventure during your cruise. Invest in a Good Daypack Let’s first start with a good day pack. We love backpacks. With our travels, we do invest in quality backpacks. A good backpack can make your day enjoyable or horrible. Your backpack should be comfortable and fit you. On a winter day trip, your backpack could be heavy by the end of the day. Make sure you take the time to get a good fitting backpack. Our favorite brand for daypacks is Osprey. We own several Osprey daypacks in our family. The kids and the adults use them on a regular basis. These daypacks are also super lightweight and can easily smush into a tiny ball to pack in your suitcase or purse. As extra bonus, the daypack will give you added warmth during your adventure. Layers are Key In Florida, a day trip could include several seasons. At 7 AM, it is a Florida winter and then by 12 noon, it is a Florida spring. I know this sounds weird, but this morning it was 47 degrees and then by 12 noon it was 76 degrees. For most people, this is two different seasons. For us, it just all happens on one day. How do you prepare for a day like this? It is pretty simple, layers! You want to wear layers that will keep you warm in the morning and you can shed throughout the day. Be sure you have enough layers that will keep you warm during the coldest part of your day. You will also want to make sure the layers underneath are comfortable and something you could wear on its own. You can then throw any layers that you shed throughout the day in your daypack. Cold & Hot Beverages During winter day trips, I pack a lot of water. Even in the winter months you want to stay hydrated. I also pack hot chocolate in our Yeti cups. The cups keep beverages warm for hours. In the colder weather, having a break with a sip of hot chocolate can make your day. It warms you up a bit and brings a smile to everyone’s face! Face Protection On day trips, we often forget essentials like protecting our face from the sun or wind. We love Salt Armour Face Masks for face protection. They are so small, they can fit in your pocket. You can pull them out to wrap around your neck for extra warmth. You can even pull them up over your nose for protection from the cold and wind. For a trip recently, we went to a beach in North Florida. It was so windy and cold. We pulled out our face masks and pulled it up over our nose. We were comfortable and warm in no time. Hats & Gloves You will always want to keep your fingers and head warm. For day trips, we often forget the hats and gloves. Be sure you still pack these winter items. About a month ago, we had a day trip in Austria. We expected our day trip would be mostly hotel to bus to excursion. We did not think we needed our hats and gloves. Big mistake! We spent almost the entire day outside in the 37 degree weather. Bringing our hat and gloves would have helped us to keep warm during our adventure. These items are small and can fit in your day bag. Bring them just in case you may need them. I hope these tips help you plan for your day trips. Stay warm on your fun family day trips. Do you have a favorite family day trip? If you need help planning your next family vacation, contact me at 804-585-3143 or

  • Family Destinations to Celebrate Spring

    Have you been counting down the days until Spring? It’s almost here! This is one of our favorite times of year. The flowers start to bloom, the birds start chirping, and the bunnies start hopping. Nature just comes alive. We are ready for it. Are you? Go ahead and find those Bermuda shorts, sun dresses, and flip flops. It is time to start soaking up Spring! #travelmore #worldtravel #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld50 #universalstudiosorlando #universalorlandoresort #wizardingworldofharrypotter #vce #vintageexplorers #travelbug #travelagent #travelplanner #familyvacations #adultsonlygetaways #vacationplanning #springvacations #springtraveltips #springtravelideas #springvacationplanning #springbreak #springbreakfamilyvacations #springbreakfamilytravel #springbreakfamilytrips There are so many Spring adventures you can do with your family. Here are a few of our favorite Springtime family trips. Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Disney World is always a magical destination. In Spring, it is even more magical with the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. This special event runs from March-June and is free with your paid admission into Epcot. Besides all of the regular theme park fun at Epcot, there are a ton of activities surrounding the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. With kids, we love the Butterfly Garden and topiary displays. In the Butterfly Garden, your kids will love learning about the lifespan of a butterfly. You will also see hundreds of these beautiful butterflies everywhere you look. Throughout Future World and World Showcase at Epcot, you will find spectacular topiary and flower displays of your favorite Disney Characters. Besides all of the beautiful flowers, playgrounds, and festival treats; this event is an opportunity to learn. You can take classes on gardening, DIY courses, and even culinary experiences. For Spring, the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival is a must do in our family. National Parks Spring is the perfect time to visit a National Park. You may even get to live out your dream of running through a field of flowers, just like in Little House on the Prairie. Besides getting outside and breathing the fresh air, we love the waterfalls this time of year. These are the heaviest seasons for the waterfalls as the Winter snow melts. One of our favorite waterfalls is in Yosemite in California. Near Half Dome, you can see the Yosemite Falls. It is spectacular in Spring. Many of the National Parks across America are beautiful this time of year. Beaches Surfs Up! The beaches are finally warm enough to soak up the sun and surf the waves. Spring is a perfect time to visit your favorite beach. You can spend a day or a few days soaking up the vitamin sea. We have a few favorite beaches for Spring getaways. Jekyll Island: On the tip of Georgia sits the historic Jekyll Island. This secluded island is the perfect getaway for the whole family. This island has beautiful beaches, including Driftwood Beach. We love this beach and consider it a hidden gem in Jekyll Island. You can also enjoy nature tours, kayak adventures, and the white sands of this island. St Augustine: Another beach getaway for Spring is St. Augustine. This city is the oldest city in the continental United States. You can enjoy history of St. Augustine, along with the beautiful beaches. It is the perfect Springtime vacation for the whole family. Clearwater/St. Pete: Often ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in United States is Clearwater/St. Pete in Florida. These cities sit on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The sands are so white and soft. The water is turquoise and clear. So clear that you can see your toes in the water. You always want to keep a close eye out for dolphin. They are always jumping in the distance at these beaches. If you are a fan of Winter (the movie), you can always meet this amazing dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Beaches are always a fun escape for a Springtime vacation. Blooming Flowers We love traveling to see flowers! One of our favorites is in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia. Over the Springtime, you will see red, white, and pink Azalea flowers everywhere in squares, parks, and in home gardens. It is truly spectacular! Another popular destination around blooming flowers is in Washington DC for the cherry blossoms. DC has more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees. This is also a super popular time of year to visit Washington DC. Camping One of the best times to camp with your family is Spring. The weather is cooler, so sleeping in a tent is more comfortable. Plus, you can enjoy all of the beauty of the nature as it transitions from Winter to Spring. Camping is also the perfect getaway with your whole family, including your four legged friends. Your dogs are just as excited to get out in Springtime. We love bringing our dog on our camping adventures. Camping is also an inexpensive adventure. Campsites are often free or a nominal cost. We also love that most camping spots do not have a lot of cell phone service. This means the kids leave the electronics in the car, so real family bonding can take place. Of course, I am partial to s’mores, too! Road Trips Our last big Spring adventure is a road trip. Go ahead and pack up the kids and car for a road trip. This could be a road trip to visit grandma or a road trip to Disney World. Planning a road trip is an epic family adventure. Pull out that map and just pick a spot. We like to close our eyes and just point. Wherever my finger lands, that is where we are road tripping. Create some excitement this Spring with a road trip. Spring is a time to renew, so why not spend time with your family. You can renew those family bonds and sibling friendships. What is your favorite Spring adventure? Contact me at 804-585-3143 or

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