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Universal Orlando's Halloween VIP Events

Everything you need to know about Universal's RIP Tour and add-on experiences to bring your Halloween vacation experience to the max!

With SO much to do and plan at Universal Orlando Resort parks, one of the best recommendations I can give you is to invest in a VIP tour, and during Halloween a RIP Tour. Continue reading to see why!

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VIP Tours are the best way to get everything you wish to see during your vacation!

This is an 8-hour tailor-made event specifically for you. This is the best way to get you everything you wish to see and experience during your Universal Orlando Vacation. You and your party will have almost instant access to your favorite attractions meaning minimal wait times, reserved center-stage seating for shows, dining included, behind-the-scenes information, and unique perspectives on these amazing attractions and production studios. It is a packed experience that's worth every penny. You will not race to and from events and attractions to ensure you see everything. You can join a group of 12 or if you have a group traveling, explore the Private VIP experience. Prices start at $189 per person for the standard VIP Tour. Please contact me for Private VIP experience pricing.

Who should consider this?

  • You have limited vacation time.

  • You have members of your travel party that cannot stand or walk for long periods of time.

  • Your wish list of things to experience is longer contains 5 attractions or more.

  • You seek to experience these parks with a more relaxed approach.

  • You simply do not wish to wait in long lines.

  • You are willing to invest in making every moment count.

  • You want a unique twist to your experience.

RIP Tours

The RIP Tour is the play-on-words name of the year-round VIP Tours. It starts at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m. Your party makes the calls on what you chose to experience while you walk through scare zones, and immersively themed houses, dance along to the firey shows, and feel your heart pound as you enjoy the late hours on thrilling attractions.

Traveling is about experiences and capturing moments with those who matter most in your life. Things will never be perfect on a vacation. If you miss your restaurant reservation or it rains or something unexpected happens; it is okay. Just go with the flow! These are the moments that you will laugh about in 5 years.

When you are ready to plan your Universal Orlando vacation, contact me at 804-585-3143 or

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