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Letter to Explorers

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Newsletter Announcement!!


Greetings Explorers,

With a new year close upon us, I have a little announcement! I have started a monthly newsletter. No, this vintage explorer will not to pepper you with promotions and sales! I wish to connect with YOU; create a relationship with you. The service I provide is personal. I seek to help you experience the world and in doing so live a fuller life, an empowered life. In order to do so, I MUST get to know you a little bit in order to know what kinds of things you enjoy and the kinds of places you feel happy at. It may be Disney related, or perhaps it's an adults only escape. Maybe it's overseas exploring a new site, perhaps a castles in Scotland, or the rock walls of Ireland. There are so many ways to travel and destinations to be explored. To each their own and it's my passion to help you with you version through our connection.

One of the best ways I can connect with you is by sharing fun memories from my traveling experiences and engaging with you through messages and the community page on like how my aunt taught me to play an air guitar on a road trip to California when I was 6. Perhaps I'll share some of the silly names of towns we came across or the time my grandmother misdirected us through a blizzard to find ghost towns in Montana. ;)

I also thought it would be fun to share silly, fun, and interresting tid bits about destinations - think trivia like

the fact that there are 11,324 triangles on Space Ship Earth! Yes, of course, I will also share fun facts beyond Disney, I promise! I will share a small link to promos but ONLY because I genuinely want to help people find opportunities to save money so they can explore the world. Many people wish to travel more but want those budget happy deals. Why not save money?!

I think the perfect way to close a letter from me to you would be with a fun and inspiring travel related quote. I love motivational stuff but nothing is better than when it is mixed with the subject of travel!

I hope you will decide to check out this new monthly newletter from this #vintagestylenotvalues travel lover to you fellow explorers. The first letter will be emailed in January 2021!

Cheers to a new and better year explorers!

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