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Courthouse Creek Cider

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

New, to us, local tasting fun in


Hello Explorers!

A few weeks back, my husband and I visited Courthouse Creek Cider and fell in love. Haha... sigh, I know that was silly of me, but really, we fell in love with their cider.

He suggested we try it and I thought we should get back home after visiting Buskeys and being a bit disappointed. I was initially excited to get to Buskeys because they have a Jalapeno cider that is SO fun for the heat at the finish. Alas, all the ciders tasted so similar despite their descriptions suggesting they would be quite different. The change in flavors was so subtle it was difficult to compare at times. No offense to Buskeys, we simply attributed this to their larger batches vs the small-batch crafting of other local houses like Courthouse. We still love to play the large games at Buskeys and look forward to being able to play there again in the future.

Back to Courthouse Creek! After my husband twisted my arm a good 2cm to the left ;) to check out and do a tasting of cider at Courthouse Creek, which was new to us, I was REALLY glad we did. Located in the Scotts Addition area of Richmond, a fun place to park, enjoy fun foods (check out McLeans!) then and walk from cidery, to meadery, to brewery, to distillery, whatever your tastebuds are looking for. The exterior has a kind of French Country-ish esthetic.

The cider is complex, diverse, and most importantly, TASTY! They have specific COVID-19 practices so check them out, but the enjoyment is certainly not hindered by it. There are lovely tables to enjoy your pre-set flights, cocktails, and/ or bottles. Please note this awesome fact. All of their ingredients are local and every tingle on the tongue of that effervescence is naturally occurring!! What? Yup, that's right, no fake bubbles here.

We had such a fun time! In fact, we were kind of surprised we had not been sooner. Alas, we do have three kiddos so our date-time is very limited in its duration, despite our helpful teen. If you would like to check out our visit then watch it and visit VintageExplorers on YouTube for more fun. Tastings are one of our go-to date night things to do because we truly love to check out the differences in how companies craft their specialties. We both would highly encourage you to Visit Courthouse Creek Cider when you are next in the area.

If you like them and cider as much as I do then you can check out their Membership details and grab yourself some bottles.

Explore the world & live empowered!

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