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Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Looking back on our visit last year!


Hello Explorers!

As I write this, we are in early November and we just booked our ticket reservations for Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I have sightly mixed feelings about it. Busch Gardens has been very careful regarding their cleanliness and sanitation, but as the positivity rate continues to climb we are more and more likely to cancel this year‘s plans to visit. I am a huge fan of the holiday season and last year, my eldest and I decided to check out B.G.'s Christmas Town event. With this post, my hope is to help others understand a little more about this event in Williamsburg.

In all honesty, let me outline the key points then elaborate a bit later in case you wish to have a super-fast read and move on. Also, as mentioned, the information in the opening portion of this post is reflecting on our experience last year's, 2019. First, I would call and verify they have everything set up if you intend to visit the first week or ask your travel advisor for details. Second, due to the temperature, many of the thrill attractions are not up and running. If you are not a big fan of thrill attractions and you love the other fun, food, festive drinks, decor, and festive interactions then you will enjoy this. Third, if you enjoy festive holiday decorations, mostly lights, then you will love visiting at night!

I will share this year's, (2020) details with a review in a new blog post soon, if we keep our reservations. Last year, we entered the main street in England, greeted by fir-like garlands strung overhead connecting the buildings to one another with shiny red spheres and twinkling lights. Wreaths hung in many of the windows adorned with ribbon, acorns, and other beautiful elements we've all come to expect in holiday decorations.

As most of the thrill attractions were not running, we enjoyed the few rides we could.

One of those fun thrills you can find at many of our county fairs that will spin pretty fast, or at least feels like it hehe. I truly love this video. Eryn was trying so hard to hold on and alas came flying into my arm. Her face and response crack me up.

We also took a venture through the Christmas tree maze but unfortunately, it was not fully set up in that first week of the event. Guest services to share those details ;)

We continued on our exploration of the beautiful holiday festivities and fun. We even got to meet a couple of friendly faces!!

We concluded our lovely, though chilly day, by taking a lovely train ride around the entire park. This was absolutely the best way to finish our visit! As our train departed, snow fell upon us, music began to play, and everywhere we looked we were 'oooing' and 'ahhhh-ing' at all the beautifully lit trees. The lights also spanned entire lawn segments and sparkled in-time with music. There were also fun holiday animal decorations, lights created their own trees, shapes, and pictures. It was concluded by substantially large lit and decorated tree!

I hope you enjoyed this mini-escape into Busch Gardens Christmas Town circa 2019. We hope to bring more soon. Currently, we have reservations set for December 5th and 6th to attend the evening and daytime events. Though our reservations are for me, my husband, and my teen, we e are not sure that we will attend due to the increased COVID-19 positivity ratings we are seeing across the country and locally with Henrico's 6% positivity rating. Our first priority is health and safety so we shall see what happens.

Hugs and holiday love to you. Live empowered exploring the world.

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