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Be a Pro-Active & Educated Traveler!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Don't miss the details and end up disappointed.

I am sure, in the crazy world of COVID and beyond, my initial recommendation to be a pro-active traveler is kind of a given. Regardless one should be proactive when traveling so a to be aware of safety and health concerns as well as generally being aware of their surroundings so as to make the most of their trip.

In today's case, many retailers and businesses have made numerous adjustments to their daily operations to keep themselves and their clientele safe. Make sure you have read the details regarding your intended locations COVID-19 regulations but also be sure to review any and all details of the events your hoping to attend. If you are not well informed, and this is why having an advisor is so helpful, you may find yourself disappointed. Advisors tend to review as much information as the institution provides as well as anything else they may find to ensure they have all the pertinent details to pass to their clientele and therefore are able to make their vacation as enjoyable as possible.

Currently, most travel partners are consistently providing a lot of details on a frequent basis regarding any updates. This includes closures, limited access, departures for cruise lines, dining options, most everything. If you have questions regarding a particular location please contact me.

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