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A Letter to My Lovely Explorers

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

February 14th, 2021


Greetings Explorers!

"Your Imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions," Albert Einstein.

I love this quote because it reminds us of two very important things. Even living through this COVID-19 pandemic when it seems, at times, difficult to see and imagine traveling, we MUST look towards the times when we will explore again. We must equally expect that this reality will come to us for if we do not, we will not be sure to make it happen.

A fun little tidbit; The Airbnb we resided in is very close to the Catacombs de Paris where roughly 6 million people are laid to rest. Utilized by the French Resistance during WWII, this is quite a remarkable sight to see and one that I highly recommend to any who decided to take a trip to the city of love.

Let's Reminisce

I could explain with every detail and emotion the thrills I feel the minute I hear an airplane's jet whine as the engines scream into gear pushing the craft further and further along the runway until it can no longer keep itself contained by gravity. For this wanderluster, the exploration of the new is equally thrilling, and despite my two visits to France, I cannot wait to explore more.

Our flights ended at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, a massive and busy European hub. I left my seat eager to stretch my legs, pulled my carry-on from the overhead, and moved along the aisle. We had all agreed to meet in a particular terminal however, I quickly realized I was getting lost in my attempt to reach a blocked off zone. With some kind assistance, I regained my bearings, passed through customs, and made my way. Once I connected with my grandmother and cousins in the airport center, a beautifully light and airy space, we swiped our cards and in a matter of moments held train tickets that would continue our journey into Paris...

Cheers to some virtual site-seeing with the first in my Adventures in France video later this month!

Read more on February 28th with the release of "Our Parisian Home" :)

How am I escaping; feeling like I am traveling?

One of my favorite ways to free my mind and eyes from my 4 walls, especially during these times, is through vlogs. Currently, I have been slowly working through my travel agent certification with Ama Waterways and they have some truly INCREDIBLE videos on YouTube. If you want to travel around the world, particularly via a rather quiet and much slower style, then I urge you to visit their channel. If anything, it is a lovely view!

I'm new around here. Subscribing and tapping that "like" button helps my biz!

I hope you will pop over to VCE's youtube channel and take a peek at this lovely home! Thank you for stopping by and I hope this little note from me to you will encourage you to explore the world and live empowered.

Cheers explorers and happy travels!


If you are ready to plan and schedule a future adventure, I have included some of the current promotions my preferred partners are offering. Please contact me!

As of February 2021

Disney Parks - the biggest I've seen and that are tugging at my family's heartstrings are the 2 extra days with a 4-night/3-day room and ticket package and the 30%+ resort discounts available.

Future Cruising with Amawaterways Christmas Markets on the Danube looks incredible!

Sandals & Beaches Probable the coolest things about these two locations, one company, is the inclusion of travel insurance and cancelation policy!

***Current Promotions *** these are only relevant within the date listed and within 30 days of the published date for this newsletter and blog.

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