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Disney Cruise Line

The Adventure

Disney Cruise Line
Broadway caliber musicals, deck parties, & fireworks. Spacious staterooms, 24-hour dining, youth clubs, night clubs, and Disney's Bahamian private island, and more.*

Picture this: You and your family walking through the Mickey Ears entrance, your path to the beautiful ship . When you cross the gangway, a delightfully engaging cast member welcomes you, announces your family’s name, and you enter the main atrium of this beautiful ship. 

Ready for lunch, you make your way to Cabanas, where there’s a endless buffet of pizza, cold salads, sandwiches, pasta, crab legs, shrimp, and so much more. Sitting on the deck, the sun warms your back as you watch more cruise companions make their way onboard. 

After lunch, you make your way to your stateroom. Walking through the halls, you and your family see Pluto, who gives a quick wave as he passes. Looking down, you follow the tip of the stars detailed in the carpets at your feet which point you forward to your stateroom. Entering with your key-to-the-world card and "Oh My Goodness" is all you can say. Look at the fun décor, the loads of space for your luggage, and that beautiful view! 

After the safety lecture, you and your family return to the main deck for the Sailing Away party. The fab-five counts down, "five, four, three, two, one and ship's horn blasts "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" as the ship pulls away from the dock. You’re on your way! 

What will you do next? Kids clubs? Senses Spa?

This dream has come true!


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